A toddler-friendly vacation in Srilanka!

Vacations with toddlers are no more your average relaxing, funfilled, adventrous ones. The only person for whom it is actually an adventure is the toddler itself while you just be on their guard.

Last year we got the chance to visit Srilanka. We had mixed feelings on leaving our kid behind or taking him with us. Eventually we took him with us. We decided to keep it a low key trip where we will stay at one place. But the best decision which turned out in our favor was the choice of the resort.

We choose Vivanta by taj, at bentota island. The resort itself is beautifully built, the room was comfortable, the food was halal and the location is so serene. The best part was that they offered to prepare custom made food for my son (which they did as per my instructions) and washed and boiled his bottles. This made my life a lot easier. Also you know how messy kids can get, none of the waiters made a face when my son was throwing bits on the floor. 

I just cant stop raving about that place and their hospitality. Generally i found Srilanka as a beautiful place and its people very friendly. I will totally recommend it to all the parents looking for a nice vacation option. Go ahead guys.

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