New old love!

When it comes to makeup, i am still naive. I can’t do dramatic things with it but i survive. The one thing i really care about among makeup stuff is the foundation. I believe it is the game changer. If its good, you are settled. So i thought to write about two of my favourites here. 

One is my all time favourite MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID in NC 25. It comes with SPF 15 and is my oldest love in foundations. I love its texture, its coverage and its staying power. I have used it in the sultry sweaty heat and it dint budge. I have always get so many compliments about it whenever i wear it because it feels like nothing on my skin. NC 25 is exact shade of my skin, so what it do, it hides the flaws and smooths the skin without changing my natural skin tone. I just had issues with its bottle design because towards the end some of it is left inside and is unreachable. Also you have to make some effort to blend it but it does blend nicely. Over all i just love it so much.

The second one is a new found love, which i strongly believe is going to stay with me for a long time, is MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I use it in number 125 which is also the shade of my skin. It is a bit expensive than MAC but totally worth it. Its formula is a bit thinner than MAC and blends beautifully. I just cant get enough of this one. The coverage, the staying power, the blending ease and the results in your pictures is amazing. A little of this product goes a long way. I just adore it but may be next time i will try one shade lighter which is 140. Since i always choose the exact same skin tone, now im thinking about experimenting. Will update once i do that. For now i am engaged in an new old love affair with these two.

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