To Her, Indeed, We are proud of you!

Recently, a group of young girls were visiting Muree from Aspire College, Lahore, and there they were asked by a tv reporter about their trip, one of them said a few words which seemed out of context. The reporter uploaded that video on social media with a special emphasis on the part of her line “bohat maza a raha ha, we are proud of you”, which got viral. The result was, that girl was brutally trolled, mocked, meme-ed, and bullied on social media which pushed her under depression and she never went back to her college in that humiliation, just for a few words which she said in the spur of the moment.

Can we all take a moment and realize what we have done?

We are drenched in arrogance and some kind of weird superiority complex over languages, accents, cities, schools, colleges, lifestyles and over anything which we approve of and we believe it is better than others. 

Just because you can speak “perfect english” doesnot make you better. Just because you are born and brought up in a “certain city” doesnot make you “cooler”. Just because some ones “native language and accent” is different than yours, doesnt make that person “paindu”. Just because your parents could send you to a “better school” and provided you a better “lifestyle”, so you are groomed, doesnt give you the right to “mock” those who coudnt. Just because someone made a “mistake”, and you think you can never make one, doesnt give you the right to “bully”.

It only make us a “fool” and “ignorant” which depicts that we could never learn the basic essence of living in a social system, which is to respect the differences among us. It might be possible that in that other person’s view you are actually the “paindu” one. Than in such a case our entire nation is “paindu” to the Americans, Brits, Irish and the Europeans.

Oh girl, i wish you read this, i want to tell you that “i am proud of you”. So chin up and come out. And for all of us, its time we think, do these things really matter? Do they really make us superior? Its time we learn the basic, “Respect for others”.

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