Organic and Hassle-free, makes Mommy Happy!!

A mother wants the best for her child. She would spend hours in researching and googling out healthy recipes for her tiny tot, prep the meal, one spoon in their mouth and there, they reject. So that specially prepared healthy meal along with all your hard work goes down the drain and sometimes you lose your mental sanity in the process. Happens to us mothers a lot. 

I was in search of something organic, healthy, time and energy saving and i came across ELLA’S KITCHEN. They provide 100% organic and additives-free baby food from ages 4 months and up. It ranges from purees to textured meals, porridges, museli, cereals, biscuits and snacks to suit the needs of a growing baby.

The best part about their ready-to-eat meals is, they come in a pouch with a nozzle and a cap, so you may feed directly from the pouch (my baby loved having it directly from the pouch), which makes it ideal for traveling and leftovers can be stored easily. Well, chances are your kid might reject it, so you can try another flavour or texture. Although nothing can beat a freshly prepared meal but if you are looking for 100% organic, healthy and hassle -free baby food, ELLA is a life saver.

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