Irresistible Istanbul!

Honestly, i have been a big fan of turkish drams like, ishq e mamnu, feriha and mera sultan. They surely urged me to visit this beautiful country. During our care free days we were able to hop to istanbul for a few days. Turkey is so pretty you, will fell in love with it in no time. We took turkish airlines and i have to praise them. The seats were comfortable, the service is overall a good experience and the food they served was also very nice. 

Let me just tell you straight, once you visit turkey, you would want to go there again and again. The strolls on taksim square, the shopping at istiklal street, the historic marvels of sultanahmet, the grandeur of grand bazar, the breathtaking view of istanbul from the top of galata tower and the romantic ride on bhosphorous, will make a place in your heart for eternity. 

Basically istanbul is divided by bhosphorous. One side is in asian continent and the other is in europe. You will actually see the difference among the two. The european side truly has a european touch and is more famous with tourists. We stayed at Marti istanbul, a five star on taksim square. From taksim you can easily walk up to bhosphorous, istiklal street and galata tower. Sultanahmet is a bit far so you have to take a ride. There is metro, taxis and havatas buses which makes the commute easier.

Turkish people are very friendly and courteous. Turkish food is really nice though for some of those you might have to develop a taste. Dont forget to bag some mouthwatering turkish delight. They are absolute yum. So many flavours and so yummy. I am not talking about the boxed ones. Go to a proper shop in grand bazar where scores and scores of insanely flavoured turkish delights are displayed. You can taste test and buy them. They will seal the box for you and they are good for 6 months.

You may also get some sterling silver for yourself. Turkish jewellery is so pretty, you wont be able to stop yourself from buying some. Just dont forget to do a good bargain. Many of them know urdu so be careful when you are chatting among you to bargain with him. He might be understanding all of it. Also you need to be a bit careful about your belongings and beware of taxi scams. Always take a taxi which has clearly visible meter outside or you may end up paying triple the fare. 

At sultanahmet at every nook and corner you will find the historic monuments. So you can just walk around and take a look over them you can enter blue mosque for free but hagia sophia and topkapi palace would require a ticket. You might need to reach early to avoid line and both of these places may take your whole day. The experience will indulge you in the history of the ottoman empire. You can also dress up as sultan and his beautiful wife and a get a picture clicked.

I am surely returning back to turkey because i have yet to explore the beautiful cities of anatalya, izmir, cappadocia and pamukkale. 

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