Friday Lunch @ Cosmopoliton!

Back than when i was working as a banker, i was told that “its a sin not to go outside for a friday lunch”. With time i understood the underlying meaning of this statement. Friday lunch break was like a blessing, a shinning star in your gloomy week and something to look forward to while you hang in there and wait for the weekend to come.

Friday lunch culture is very common among work circles and if you religiously follow this norm you know already how important it is. Everytime me and my husband visit our hometown we still meet our friends over friday lunches. This time around we went to this ‘cosmopoliton’ in clifton. 

Honestly i had little hopes of having good food when my husband initially told me about this place we were heading too. When you are hungry, you would rather try something old. But luckily i was wrong. The ambiance is quircky with catchy lines and scenes painted all over the walls particularly about karachi. The place had a good amount of lunchers when i entered. 

I was thinking about the pasta first but when i saw the menu i opted for parmesan chicken with a side of steamed rice and sauteed vegetables and it turned out amazing. I loved every bit of it. The cheesy crusty roasted top of panko parmesan with an underlying layer of soft cheese and nicely done chicken fillet. This one was a winner for me. The drink that i ordered was strawberry pina colada and it was equally good. I really enjoyed my meal.

Parmesan Chicken

 My husband ordered from “today’s special”, stir fried jalapeno chicken served with steamed rice. It was fine, chicken strips stir fried in a brown sauce with jalapenos and green bell pepper. The combination was fine but nothing over the top. The other drinks ordered were pinacolada, mint lemonade and strawberry banana smoothie which were equally good.

Stir-fried Jalapeno Chicken

The other friend ordered sicillian chicken, a chicken fillet topped with pepperoni, mushrooms and olives, very italian in its looks and taste, served with sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes. It did remind of italian chicken that i eat at another place and was equally good.

Sicillian Chicken

Now i am not a beef person and would rather prefer chicken over beef options. One of us ordered stir fried beef and i fell in love with it. Crispy beef chunks in a slightly tangy and sweet sauce of soya sauce and seasame glaze served with steamed rice and sauteed vegetables. Usually when the beef is crispier from outside it gets harder to chew but this one was softer from inside. This was nice.

Stir-fried Beef

Overall the food was really good, the service was good, food was served hot, the ambiance was perfect, the drinks were nice, the food portion was big enough and reasonable price wise. Yes, i am going to visit this once again. If you haven’t visited yet. Go ahead and try it, you wont be disappointed.

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