The Hijabi Newbie!

Ok so first things first, taking a hijab or not is a matter of personal choice. I will not debate on that. I have been always in awe of those who do hijab and somehow the other couldnt muster up the courage to do it, until i actually did it and i was surprised how easily i breezed into this new avatar. 

A part of credit i will give to my family and friends who kept encouraging me, were very supportive and kept telling me how nice i looked in hijab. Yes those words were very encouraging to someone who was scared of shifting into a new attire, thank you so much guys. 

Taking hijab is just not the head covering thing, but actually it requires a change on the whole to your wardrobe as well. When you do hijab, you have to respect it in a way. In the begininng i was really skeptical about it, i will look like an aunty, no more pretty hairdos and so on. Scared of that ‘auntie-look’ when ever i mustered up courage to begin, i would take a random scarf or dupatta and try to drape it at home infront of the mirror and would quickly take it off and would just put off this idea. 

The key is to prepare for it before hand and to go easy on yourself. Please dont worry about ‘what others will say’ and focus on your sanity. It is very important. Okay so what i did, i looked into my wardrobe and came up with some basic colours for my scarfs to match them. So first i bought a few basic coloured scarf. 

The material of the scarf is very important. I chose 100% viscose scarfs. I liked the way those scarfs drape around your head and keeps your head cooler in the heat. I bought two undercaps for the starters as well, for the chiffon and silky scarfs. They wont stay put on your head without the undercap and will make you miserable otherwise. 

Than i bought a bunch of nice scarf pins to hold them in place. Now comes the draping part. You may watch several tutorials on the internet and come up with something that suits you. For me it all seemed so complicated and made me even more confused. I even asked a few hijabi friends how they do it but it dint make much sense to me. 

Honestly everyone has different facial cut so if something suits to one, it might not suit another one. Hijab style is kinda personalized, atleast what i have understood about it. 

So what i did. I stood infront of the mirror and started to drape the scarf around my head. At first, i was taken a back, nothing seem to work for me, but slowly and gradually i came up with my own way of drapping and its nothing complicated. Seriously for all of you who are stuggling like me, try yourself, you will come up with something, it doesnt have to be fancy and slowly and gradually you will build it from there. 

The other aspect is to work on your wardrobe. For shorter tops, you may pair it with a trench coat or use your old gowns with belt, over jeans or pair it with skirts. You may also try wearing long dresses and frocks. This season generation has come up with nice long frocks. For desi attire chose nice kurtas and pair them with matching scarfs. 

A word on building your scarf treasure, give it some time, slowly and gradually keep adding to it. For printed clothes go for plain scarfs and for simple plain clothes go for printed scarfs. They are widely available now in pakistan and across middle east. So you need a mix of printed and basic colours scarfs. 

What you can do is take a look at your wardrobe on the whole and come up with basics colours that would go with the most of them like i did. Get them first and than slowly build from there. Trust me i am still doing that.

You may also get some nice hair accessorize like a head band or a fancy hair pin especially for weddings. You may also fold your dupattas in half and drape them over like a scarf for your fancy dresses at weddings and your lawn joras but wear a cap underneath if they are of silk or chiffon.

So all those there who are in a state like i was in, if you keep these tips in mind, it may really help you to move in to this new avatar. Keep up the good thoughts and happy hijabing. 

One thought on “The Hijabi Newbie!

  1. nidasaher says:

    Okay.. This one is really motivating and encouraging. There is something in me telling me to go on that path again. . there’s nothing to feel weirdo or awkward about it. ^.^ soon In sha Allah .


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