Charcoal Chemistry!

All my life i have been avoiding face masks that they may damage my sensitive skin. Now i even wonder why did i because they can actually bring good to your skin, if you choose the right type. During the past months i have been noticing the “charcoal mask fever” around and its apparent wonders to the skin but i wasn’t able to get my hands on one.

On a recent trip to turkey, i popped in a shop on istiklal street to get a sunblock for my son. While looking around i noticed charcoal masks, ofcourse i had to i impulsively pick one which looked promising to me but since the description was in turkish and it made no sense to me i thought to confirm it from the sales girl.

To my surprise she told me to get the other mask because the one i picked is not that good. I gave her that look, “oh you trying to sell me your favourite brand girl, i know this strategy”. The lady kept insisting the other one is better so i asked her to elaborate “why so?”. She told me the one i chose is peel off and is used only around the nose area not all over the face and its not that effective as it claims while the other one is better and you just put it on and wash it off. 

Right in that moment i visualized that my mommy brain compeltely forgot that this peel off is around the nose only and i have put it all over my face and now i am one of those charcoal face masks disaster videos on social media. So i dropped all my dreams of that satisfying peeling that would have caught all the grime from my face and picked the safer option. 

Back home when the boys went to bed, and i had a little me time, it was time to try my new mask. Its a nice grey colour and a pleasent odour, i think it felt a bit warm on my skin when applied ofcourse that us due to activated charcoal. I let it dry for roughly twenty minutes, it felt super tight towards the end and when i washed it off my skin looked better than before.

Just to be sure if i am imagining the somewhat even tone soft glow or is it for real, i checked it in two different lights, lolzzz. Infact i thought to wait until the morning and yes it stayed. Also i felt some of my sprouting acne friends kind of submerged. Yes they are my friends because they never leave me. So my friends yes it seem to work well. Lets see with repeat applications what wonders it can bring to my tierd mommy face. Dont remember its price exactly but it wasnt big bucks. 

The packaging says it helps with both white heads and black heads and overall helps with the unhealthy skin. It should be left for 10 mins on face, well i did 20 lolzz and can be used once a week or as needed. It has got activated charcoal, well ofcourse but with that there is dragon fruit and cinnamon extract too. A quick search on internet told me it is available at boots, i wonder if its here in oman as well. Anybody see this anywhere please update us. For the time being lets keep an eye on the next person who visits turkey. Lolzzz

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