Can it conceal?

When i was a child i wished so hard to wear eye glasses and it was granted. But ever since i started to develop panda eyes also because i love to read even in the worst light. Growing up, i realized eye glasses wasnt that fun and i need to improve my panda look. 

So i looked around and tried various concealors, peachy, orangy and even the red lipstick tricks. Some of it worked and some dint. Since last year i have been hearing about Nars creamy concealor but than the reviews said its expensive and finishes quickly so i kept shrugging off the idea. 

One day i saw a post on insta by nars about their new soft matte concealor pots. The reviews on the internet were good and everyone suggested a little goes a long way. So on my recent trip to italy, while waiting at the train station in florence i popped inside the sephora. Yes you heard me right they had a sephora inside their train station. 

So i had like barely 10 minutes to decide and purchase (thanks to my dear husband who agreed to mind the cranky toddler and luggage). So i went straight to nars counter and picked up this tiny pot. One stroke on my under eye and i knew, it is not my usual concealor. It was blending beautifully with amazing coverage. I spent a few more minutes in trying on different shades and ended up buying it in shade ‘ginger’ medium 2. It retails for euro 30.5.

The first time i applied it, i felt as if i wasted my money, i blended it with the beauty blender and it vanished leaving behind grey undereyes. A quick search on the internet suggested to blend it with fingers or a brush and i realized at the counter i used my fingers to blend. So the 2nd time, i applied it with my fingers and yes it did the magic. This time i made the mistake of setting it with powder and it creased towards the end of hours. So third time i wore it on its own and it went very well. And i also use a orange corrector underneath it. 

Let me tell you a few facts about it. Its a matte concealor so it tends to dry up. If you have dry skin may be you should get the old creamy concealor version or make sure you moisturize the under eye area well and avoid setting it with powder or use very little depending upon your skin type. I would suggest moisturize your under eye any way before wearing it. It is indeed a full coverage concealor. 

The shades have same names and are very much similar in pigment to the older ones, so if you know your shade in creamy concealor you can just pick that shade in this one. When you will use your fingers to blend, the warmth in your fingers will let it melt and make blending easy so try blending with fingers first and than adjust with the brush if you wish. A little of it does go a long way.

So i will totally recommend this to anyone who is facing the dilemma of panda eyes. Happy concealing 

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