Can it conceal?

When i was a child i wished so hard to wear eye glasses and it was granted. But ever since i started to develop panda eyes also because i love to read even in the worst light. Growing up, i realized eye glasses wasnt that fun and i need to improve my panda look. 

So i looked around and tried various concealors, peachy, orangy and even the red lipstick tricks. Some of it worked and some dint. Since last year i have been hearing about Nars creamy concealor but than the reviews said its expensive and finishes quickly so i kept shrugging off the idea. 

One day i saw a post on insta by nars about their new soft matte concealor pots. The reviews on the internet were good and everyone suggested a little goes a long way. So on my recent trip to italy, while waiting at the train station in florence i popped inside the sephora. Yes you heard me right they had a sephora inside their train station. 

So i had like barely 10 minutes to decide and purchase (thanks to my dear husband who agreed to mind the cranky toddler and luggage). So i went straight to nars counter and picked up this tiny pot. One stroke on my under eye and i knew, it is not my usual concealor. It was blending beautifully with amazing coverage. I spent a few more minutes in trying on different shades and ended up buying it in shade ‘ginger’ medium 2. It retails for euro 30.5.

The first time i applied it, i felt as if i wasted my money, i blended it with the beauty blender and it vanished leaving behind grey undereyes. A quick search on the internet suggested to blend it with fingers or a brush and i realized at the counter i used my fingers to blend. So the 2nd time, i applied it with my fingers and yes it did the magic. This time i made the mistake of setting it with powder and it creased towards the end of hours. So third time i wore it on its own and it went very well. And i also use a orange corrector underneath it. 

Let me tell you a few facts about it. Its a matte concealor so it tends to dry up. If you have dry skin may be you should get the old creamy concealor version or make sure you moisturize the under eye area well and avoid setting it with powder or use very little depending upon your skin type. I would suggest moisturize your under eye any way before wearing it. It is indeed a full coverage concealor. 

The shades have same names and are very much similar in pigment to the older ones, so if you know your shade in creamy concealor you can just pick that shade in this one. When you will use your fingers to blend, the warmth in your fingers will let it melt and make blending easy so try blending with fingers first and than adjust with the brush if you wish. A little of it does go a long way.

So i will totally recommend this to anyone who is facing the dilemma of panda eyes. Happy concealing 

Charcoal Chemistry!

All my life i have been avoiding face masks that they may damage my sensitive skin. Now i even wonder why did i because they can actually bring good to your skin, if you choose the right type. During the past months i have been noticing the “charcoal mask fever” around and its apparent wonders to the skin but i wasn’t able to get my hands on one.

On a recent trip to turkey, i popped in a shop on istiklal street to get a sunblock for my son. While looking around i noticed charcoal masks, ofcourse i had to i impulsively pick one which looked promising to me but since the description was in turkish and it made no sense to me i thought to confirm it from the sales girl.

To my surprise she told me to get the other mask because the one i picked is not that good. I gave her that look, “oh you trying to sell me your favourite brand girl, i know this strategy”. The lady kept insisting the other one is better so i asked her to elaborate “why so?”. She told me the one i chose is peel off and is used only around the nose area not all over the face and its not that effective as it claims while the other one is better and you just put it on and wash it off. 

Right in that moment i visualized that my mommy brain compeltely forgot that this peel off is around the nose only and i have put it all over my face and now i am one of those charcoal face masks disaster videos on social media. So i dropped all my dreams of that satisfying peeling that would have caught all the grime from my face and picked the safer option. 

Back home when the boys went to bed, and i had a little me time, it was time to try my new mask. Its a nice grey colour and a pleasent odour, i think it felt a bit warm on my skin when applied ofcourse that us due to activated charcoal. I let it dry for roughly twenty minutes, it felt super tight towards the end and when i washed it off my skin looked better than before.

Just to be sure if i am imagining the somewhat even tone soft glow or is it for real, i checked it in two different lights, lolzzz. Infact i thought to wait until the morning and yes it stayed. Also i felt some of my sprouting acne friends kind of submerged. Yes they are my friends because they never leave me. So my friends yes it seem to work well. Lets see with repeat applications what wonders it can bring to my tierd mommy face. Dont remember its price exactly but it wasnt big bucks. 

The packaging says it helps with both white heads and black heads and overall helps with the unhealthy skin. It should be left for 10 mins on face, well i did 20 lolzz and can be used once a week or as needed. It has got activated charcoal, well ofcourse but with that there is dragon fruit and cinnamon extract too. A quick search on internet told me it is available at boots, i wonder if its here in oman as well. Anybody see this anywhere please update us. For the time being lets keep an eye on the next person who visits turkey. Lolzzz

The Hijabi Newbie!

Ok so first things first, taking a hijab or not is a matter of personal choice. I will not debate on that. I have been always in awe of those who do hijab and somehow the other couldnt muster up the courage to do it, until i actually did it and i was surprised how easily i breezed into this new avatar. 

A part of credit i will give to my family and friends who kept encouraging me, were very supportive and kept telling me how nice i looked in hijab. Yes those words were very encouraging to someone who was scared of shifting into a new attire, thank you so much guys. 

Taking hijab is just not the head covering thing, but actually it requires a change on the whole to your wardrobe as well. When you do hijab, you have to respect it in a way. In the begininng i was really skeptical about it, i will look like an aunty, no more pretty hairdos and so on. Scared of that ‘auntie-look’ when ever i mustered up courage to begin, i would take a random scarf or dupatta and try to drape it at home infront of the mirror and would quickly take it off and would just put off this idea. 

The key is to prepare for it before hand and to go easy on yourself. Please dont worry about ‘what others will say’ and focus on your sanity. It is very important. Okay so what i did, i looked into my wardrobe and came up with some basic colours for my scarfs to match them. So first i bought a few basic coloured scarf. 

The material of the scarf is very important. I chose 100% viscose scarfs. I liked the way those scarfs drape around your head and keeps your head cooler in the heat. I bought two undercaps for the starters as well, for the chiffon and silky scarfs. They wont stay put on your head without the undercap and will make you miserable otherwise. 

Than i bought a bunch of nice scarf pins to hold them in place. Now comes the draping part. You may watch several tutorials on the internet and come up with something that suits you. For me it all seemed so complicated and made me even more confused. I even asked a few hijabi friends how they do it but it dint make much sense to me. 

Honestly everyone has different facial cut so if something suits to one, it might not suit another one. Hijab style is kinda personalized, atleast what i have understood about it. 

So what i did. I stood infront of the mirror and started to drape the scarf around my head. At first, i was taken a back, nothing seem to work for me, but slowly and gradually i came up with my own way of drapping and its nothing complicated. Seriously for all of you who are stuggling like me, try yourself, you will come up with something, it doesnt have to be fancy and slowly and gradually you will build it from there. 

The other aspect is to work on your wardrobe. For shorter tops, you may pair it with a trench coat or use your old gowns with belt, over jeans or pair it with skirts. You may also try wearing long dresses and frocks. This season generation has come up with nice long frocks. For desi attire chose nice kurtas and pair them with matching scarfs. 

A word on building your scarf treasure, give it some time, slowly and gradually keep adding to it. For printed clothes go for plain scarfs and for simple plain clothes go for printed scarfs. They are widely available now in pakistan and across middle east. So you need a mix of printed and basic colours scarfs. 

What you can do is take a look at your wardrobe on the whole and come up with basics colours that would go with the most of them like i did. Get them first and than slowly build from there. Trust me i am still doing that.

You may also get some nice hair accessorize like a head band or a fancy hair pin especially for weddings. You may also fold your dupattas in half and drape them over like a scarf for your fancy dresses at weddings and your lawn joras but wear a cap underneath if they are of silk or chiffon.

So all those there who are in a state like i was in, if you keep these tips in mind, it may really help you to move in to this new avatar. Keep up the good thoughts and happy hijabing. 

That’s the ‘rituals’ way!

Ever since a shop with an enchanting ‘white blossom tree’ popped up in Muscat Grand Mall, i have been tempted to visit it. Finally, i got a chance as i had to grab something for a friend. Oh man, what a shop, the place itself is such a treat to eyes. The name is RITUAL’S COSMETICS and they offer a variety of amazing skin care and body care products, home fragrances and cosmetics.

 I tried a few things and i instantly fell in love with their rice milk and cherry blossom range and the Ginkgo’s secrets caring hand cream. The sun protection anti-aging face cream also seemed promising and so as their incense sticks fragrances. You can actually try their scrubs right under that beautiful fairy tale tree. They also sell such beautiful containers for tea, you might want to check them out. People, its time to bring in the ritual’s routine in our lives.


Meet my Best Friend!

Hey everyone, meet my new best friend: SMASHBOX CAMERA READY BB WATER. If you are looking for something for daily wear, which glides on your skin with utmost ease, is light-weight and time saving, i will recommend this one. As the name implies, its texture is literally like water and blends beautifully.

Most of the time i ditch a full foundation routine and just wear this. Coverage is medium but buildable and it has a dewy finish. It comes with SPF 30 and i use this in the shade ‘light’ which is a shade lighter than my skin tone. Bought this one to use in summers but i am still wearing this into winters and i totally adore it. It is indeed my best buddy.

New old love!

When it comes to makeup, i am still naive. I can’t do dramatic things with it but i survive. The one thing i really care about among makeup stuff is the foundation. I believe it is the game changer. If its good, you are settled. So i thought to write about two of my favourites here. 

One is my all time favourite MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID in NC 25. It comes with SPF 15 and is my oldest love in foundations. I love its texture, its coverage and its staying power. I have used it in the sultry sweaty heat and it dint budge. I have always get so many compliments about it whenever i wear it because it feels like nothing on my skin. NC 25 is exact shade of my skin, so what it do, it hides the flaws and smooths the skin without changing my natural skin tone. I just had issues with its bottle design because towards the end some of it is left inside and is unreachable. Also you have to make some effort to blend it but it does blend nicely. Over all i just love it so much.

The second one is a new found love, which i strongly believe is going to stay with me for a long time, is MAKEUP FOREVER ULTRA HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I use it in number 125 which is also the shade of my skin. It is a bit expensive than MAC but totally worth it. Its formula is a bit thinner than MAC and blends beautifully. I just cant get enough of this one. The coverage, the staying power, the blending ease and the results in your pictures is amazing. A little of this product goes a long way. I just adore it but may be next time i will try one shade lighter which is 140. Since i always choose the exact same skin tone, now im thinking about experimenting. Will update once i do that. For now i am engaged in an new old love affair with these two.